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Play Aqua Rescue Game

Aqua Rescue

The fish are trapped! Set out on a quest to save them by clearing all the garbage that has been polluti...

Play Floral Wedding Cake Game

Floral Wedding Cake

Hi! In this dessert decoration game, you are going to assume yourself as a cake decorator and decorate ...

Play Papas Hot Doggeria Game

Papas Hot Doggeria

Busy Papa Louie opened a Hot Doggeria restaurant and you are hired to satisfy customers by making delic...

Play Blackjack City Game

Blackjack City

You're down on your luck and having a rough time - you've been kicked out of every casino in the city. ...

Play Blastball Game


Blastball is a chain-reaction puzzle game. Burst all the balls to continue to the next, more challengi...

Play BlowFish Game


Play this underwater Plinko-like game! Use your pearls to destroy all of the sea creatures and clear th...

Play Brazilcup 2014 Game

Brazilcup 2014

Soccer played in all four corners of the planet, a true passion that stirs the patriotism and pride of ...

Play Breakout Cove Game

Breakout Cove

Survive the shrinking tide as long as possible and destroy debris falling towards the ocean floor! Use ...

Play Bubble Bumble Game

Bubble Bumble

The bees are sick... can you help them? Create bubbles to bounce falling bees into nourishing flowers i...

Play Crazy Frog Game

Crazy Frog

Catch all those crazy frogs! Watch out for the poisonous ones or you will lose points. Earn bonus point...

Play Magic Marbles Game

Magic Marbles

Shoot the marbles into colorful groups before they fall into the drain! Use the cannon to make groups o...

Play SPLAT Game


You are falling from the sky without a parachute. That's not a good situation to be in but you still ne...

Play Missing Magician Game

Missing Magician

The town's greatest magician has been murdered and his ghost is now desperate to find the murderer. Sea...

Play BubbleFish Game


Join the colorful sea creatures of BubbleFish for a match-3 game you'll love! Aim the bubble-shooter to...

Play Bubbo Jerk Game

Bubbo Jerk

Bounce the bubbles off of the cute and colorful monsters! How many combos can you get in this casual en...

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